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Located in the heart of Soho, Chungdam is our vision in bringing Korean delicacies into London modernity by encapsulating the essence of Chungdam-dong, Seoul, into a modern and refined hub. At Chung'dam, we are guided by traditional Korean cooking techniques, as well as the combination of finely selected ingredients in an interactive dining experience.
Welcome to Chung'dam.

Pyeonbaek Steam Box

편백 나무는 다른 나무보다 피톤치드 5배
합유 하며 고기, 해산물, 야채를 요리할 때
향긋한 풍미로 기분 좋은 식사를 즐길 수 있게 만듭니다

Pyeonbaek (Hinoki) wood provides five times more phytoncide
than other woods, so when cooking meats, seafood and vegetables
you can enjoy a pleasant meal with a fragrant flavour,
while eliminating the peculiar scent of food ingredients.

Pyeonbaek Steam Box